Creative Curriculum Study Starters: Clothes
Creative Curriculum Study Starters: Clothes
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Creative Curriculum Study Starters

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Young children are naturally curious about the world around them and eager to explore topics that are relevant to their everyday lives. Our Study Starters guide early childhood teachers step-by-step through the process of planning and implementing long-term investigations of meaningful topics.

They help teachers identify children’s questions, provide background information and introduce vocabulary, organize and plan the environment, incorporate content skills and knowledge, and involve families.

More experienced teachers can use Study Starters as templates for creating their own investigations with young children.

Inside The Creative Curriculum Study Starters, Volume 1

The first volume includes the following studies:

Boxes: Through a study of boxes, children learn about how goods are transported and examine the physical properties of objects.

Rocks: Studying rocks enables children learn about different types of rocks, their physical properties, and how they are used by people in the world surrounding them.

Ants: Ants are endlessly fascinating to young children. An organized study offers opportunities to study important life science concepts and social studies concepts related to location, maps, and people and the environment.

Buildings: A study of buildings enables exploration of physical science and social studies concepts, including the purposes of different structures and the jobs related to building and maintaining them.

Clothes: Studying clothes leads to learning about different kinds of clothes, the fabric clothes are made from and the processes of making and selling clothes.

Flowers: A study of flowers encourages interest in the natural world, leading to discussions of jobs and transportation as they explore where flowers are sold and how they are used.

Inside The Creative Curriculum Study Starters, Volume 2

The second volume includes the following studies:

Chairs: This study provides the opportunity to investigate the characteristics, physical properties, and construction of different kinds of seats.

Wheels: A study of wheels lets children explore physical and science concepts, such as how wheels move, how they are constructed, and how they help people work, live and travel.

Water Pipes: Studying water pipes enables children to learn about the characteristics of water, how it gets from one place to another, and how people depend upon it.

Trash & Garbage: A study of trash and garbage offers opportunities for firsthand exploration, information gathering, consciousness raising, and problem solving.

Shadows: This study lets children explore their fascination with shadows – how they move when we move, how they are indoors and outdoors, and the different shapes they can take.

Exercise: This study provides an opportunity to explore many types of exercise, enabling children to understand its many benefits on the body and learn the mechanics of movement

Study Starters are available as individual booklets or in two complete sets. When you purchase a complete set, you will also receive the Teacher’s Guide and a full-color binder for storing Study Starters and notes.

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