Readers 11x-20x is an exciting new level that enables each story, from 11 to 20, to be immediately followed by a longer adventure story, reinforcing all and only the sounds learned to date.

Reason for creating the new level: early Readers up to 20 introduce ten new sounds (oo, er, sh, all, ing, ar, ay, etc).

with just one short story for each. The new pack, 11x-20x, lets students reinforce each new sound in a longer story moving on.

The ideal reading sequence is:

11,11X    12,12X    13,13x    14,14x     etc

or if you have completed 11-20, consolidate with 11x-20x.

Benefits of the 11x-20x Readers:

  • entertaining adventure stories
  • increase fluency with early words
  • reinforce the high-frequency words
  • reinforce the vital early digraphs
  • reinforce the early special words
  • learn twenty-six new special words
  • build reading fluency with longer stories

Note: The new 11x-20x stories have been carefully crafted by our Training Director Jeremy O'Carroll in complete accordance with the architecture of the Fitzroy Method.

The first Reader, A Fat Cat, uses only 13 letters. This makes it easy for small children to start reading without delay.

The first five Readers each teach one basic vowel sound: a, e, i, o and u.  Repeated often, these vowels and many consonants become completely memorable.

Within Readers 1-10, special words like Ihave, to, go, for…  are introduced – one  or two with each Reader.  Children quickly learn to read simple-sounding words wherever they see them.

Reader 9 teaches the first digraph, oo as in roof.  Digraphs enable children, without further teaching, to sound out whole families of words – including many they have never seen before.

By Reader 10, children are already reading simple sentences with fluency.

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